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Posted By Julie
Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Most small businesses don’t have a huge marketing budget. If that’s the case for you too, don’t worry, you aren’t completely out of luck. There are plenty of incredible marketing tactics that won’t break the bank. The following are just a few ways to stretch your marketing dollars while making a huge impact on your bottom line.

  1. Develop and publish great content
    Having a great blog on your site is a fantastic way to get drive traffic to your page and place yourself as an expert in your field. If you aren’t a writer yourself, there are plenty of writers willing to help you get your point across. Listicles are very popular right now as are tip collections and how-tos.
  2. Guest blog on partner sites
    Sponsored content or “native advertising” can be really expensive – upward of $100K for a blog on Buzzfeed! So go the cheaper route and build partnerships with your clients and partners. In most cases you can post blogs on their site for free (sometimes they will ask to post on your site in exchange) and you’ll build a great network that way.
  3. Create Instructional Videos
    Similar to great blogs, videos can make a huge impact on your marketing efforts. Some people become millionaires via YouTube instructional videos alone! The videos don’t need to be produced by Hollywood to get your point across. You can easily use your computer or iPhone to create a video tutorial that resonates with people and drives traffic to your site. If a video sounds too much (or if you’re camera shy!) try making a slide deck with a program such as SlideShare.
  4. Be a Savvy Social Networker
    You don’t need thousands of followers on social media or to have a “verified” account to get notice. You can easily create business accounts and participate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Sharing the above blog posts and videos are a great way to connect with customers and get your name out. You can do sponsored ads on these platforms and they aren’t extremely expensive.
  5. Develop a Customer Referral Program
    There’s no better marketing tactic than word-of-mouth. Free and reliable, your customers are your greatest allies when it comes to getting new customers. Offer your current customers a discount, free product or service if they refer customers.
  6. Sponsorships
    Whether it’s a 5K, a neighborhood event, or anything else, adding your company’s name to the sponsorship roster can be a great form of marketing. Chances are your name will be on a lot of the event swag too such as t-shirts, baseball hats, and tote bags. Charity events are also great advertising because they will show insight into the company values and culture.
  7. Get Some Awesome Business Cards
    Unique yet professional business cards can help you get the word out about who you are and what you do. Avoid boring business cards and opt for cool colors, thicker stock paper, and even odd shapes to be as memorable as possible.
  8. Host an Event or Class
    If your company specializes in a unique service, plan to host an event or class that allows people to learn more. You can print flyers and post them at local coffee shops, libraries, book shops, gyms, and more. Get people in by partnering with a local bakery or coffee shop. Food always brings more people!These are just a few low budget marketing ideas but there are dozens more. Try to think outside of the box because the more creative you are, the better your chances that the advertising will work!

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