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Posted By Julie
Why Business Owners Should Be Reading More

Remember when summer reading was something we did because we had so much time on our hands? Whether it was required for school or simply a choice because the book was impossible to put down, reading used to be a regular activity for so many of us. Yet now, approximately 26% of adults haven’t read a book within the past year. That’s a staggering number considering that, according to science, reading is extremely good for you, and can actually help you become better at running your business. The following are just a few reasons why you should be reading more.

Reading can help you become more creative and open-minded
Creativity is one of those things that you either have or you don’t. Yet, reading can help you navigate the part of your brain that allows for bigger ideas and creativity. Because reading involves thinking about the story line or the subject matter, it keeps your brain involved, which in turn makes you more open-minded and creative. The more you read, the more engaged your brain will be in other aspects of your life.

People who read live longer
A recent Yale study showed that those who read for 30 minutes a day live almost 2 years longer than those who don’t. Because reading involves thinking skills, vocabulary, and concentration, as well as emotional intelligence, empathy, and social perception, it helps you stay alive longer.

Reading 50+ books a year is actually an achievable goal
Going from 0 to 50 may seem a little far-fetched, but the truth is, it’s actually quite possible! By making reading a priority, you’ll find that you will trade it for other things such as wasting time on your phone. You can squeeze it in at bedtime, while waiting in line, as you’re eating and so forth. When you make time for it, you’ll be surprised just how easy it really is to read on a regular basis.

The most successful people are readers
The greatest entrepreneurs and business owners are often the ones you’ll find most often with their nose stuck in a book. By continually reading, they are improving themselves and learning how to better improve their businesses. If you are wondering where to start, consider joining a book club or checking out some of the most recent New York Times Best Sellers. The following are also a few business related books to consider starting:

1. Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek is a New York Times Best Seller who has authored numerous books. A motivational speaker and marketing consultant, his series focuses on how humans are influenced by behaviors and how that relates to business and marketing.  From personal to business, Sinek gives powerful insight into how to not be inspired by the work you do as well as the importance of being inspired by those around you

2. Fish by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph. D., Harry Paul, and John Christensen
This book offers advice on how to transform the workplace environment with energy, passion, and positivity. Great for anyone looking to powerfully energize the company culture.

Traction by Gino Wickman

A great book for leaders, this book helps entrepreneurs understand if they have a grip on their business or if it has a grip on them. Wickman raises some important questions, making this a must-read for business owners.

These are just a few great books, but there are so many more out there to help you on your journey as a business owner. Once you start reading, you’ll surely find an author or two from which you’ll want to read more!

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